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French is spoken not only in France and Belgium, but is an official language in twenty nine countries, eleven dependent entities and the five overseas regions of France.

The Camille books have been translated into 25 languages, published in 81 countries, and have sold more than five million copies.

This series of bilingual easy learning books featuring the adventures of Camille has been designed to aid parents to introduce their children to the French language while they are very young, and to make it fun to learn, which will stand them in good stead when they come to be taught French at school.

Camille and Teddy are two of the best loved characters in children’s literature in the French speaking world. Camille makes all the mistakes in life that are common to children everywhere, and she learns a valuable lesson in every book. Teddy never says anything but he’s a clever little bear and you can always tell what he’s thinking by the expression on his face.

The stories by Aline de Pétigny and the illustrations by Nancy Delvaux have a simple naïve charm loved by children and parents worldwide.  Aline de Pétigny started writing children’s books in 1991 and has so far published over a hundred titles. In her books she tries to project a confident and optimistic vision of life, but without forgetting that life usually reserves some surprises which are not always pleasant but often necessary.

Watch five year old Erin learning French with Camille. Click Here to view video

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Camille – Pack 1
Camille – Pack 1
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I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I have just finished reading our first Camille book and we both loved it!

My son loves the Camille books and I'm really impressed with how his french is progressing!

We are planning a trip to France next year and we've bought two of these books for our Granddaughter and she loves them!